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States Looking to Legalize CBD

Slowly but surely the tide is changing on the war on drugs in the States. As the people gain more awareness of the full cost of this useless war, the traction will only increase as they realize even their neighbors may be guilty of possessing Cannabis. Luckily, many states are starting to realize this and more and more are jumping on board the legalization and decriminalization train. Let’s take a look at these promising candidates for 2016.

First up, we have Nevada. Though they have been late on the medical marijuana legalization, now that it’s headed in that direction things are starting to look very promising for the state. Nevada gathered 170,000 signatures on their ballot for the end of marijuana prohibition and to regulate it like alcohol back last December. Currently the state has a very successful medical Marijuana program and dispensaries opening soon, things are looking alright in this desert state.

CBD Isolate

Even though California was the first state to legalize Medical Marijuana all way in 1996, they had infrastructure problems that didn’t allow them to properly regulate their Medical Marijuana, more people are tunring towards CBD and cbd isolate if you want to find  what is cbd isolate look for

If you have a medical condition in USA it is just about anyone to be able to receive a card, and started a massive Marijuana gold rush in the state which was good for the economy but caused issues with certain cities and counties that did not want to be part of the huge Cannabis culture that started there. This has caused friction and a bit of a back track on the thought process involved with legalizing medical in the first place. This year, though, the Governor signed in three new pieces of legislation to help regulate the medical market better and then push for full legalization. Here’s hoping, Cannabis is already a huge piece of California culture and full legalization could do nothing but benefit at this point.

CBD Oil and CBD Vape

Over on the East coast of the US we have Vermont, which does currently have a small medical marijuana program. Legalization is something the government is very interested in, as well as the people as a 2015 poll registered 54 percent of Vermont citizens in support of legalization. Currently state officials are meeting and discussing how they would go about a regulatory system for legalization in the state.

Arizona is also trying to push for legalization, however their medical marijuana initiative barely passed back in 2010 and the people are split 49% for 51% against full legalization in the state. It will be a slow burn, but they are headed in the first. The votes will be tight on this one, but it will be interesting to watch, these spate of legalization are helped by the fact that there are new evidences to suggest about the benefits of anxiety relief from CBD gummies UK.

Even though the states are starting to change their minds on Cannabis legalization, the federal government still looms imposingly in the shadow as it is still completely illegal on a federal level to possess Cannabis. But the perspective shift is coming, and as more states go on board the feds will have soon have no choice but to drop the war on drugs.

If you thought that the legalization of cannabis and the road in which we are on was bad, have spare a thought for our cannabis suing brothers across the pond. Countries like UK still have not legalized cannabis, infact their laws are so strict where any form of possession can lead to a caution, if you are caught again you can get serious jail time. However CBD is completely legal and new items like CBD Vape pens are gaining popularity with 1000mg CBD Vape pen being the most widely used vape pens.

But it is down to the tenacity of the cannabis users and industry that they have found a loophole in the system, companies are selling Cannabis seeds under the guise of a decorative item! yes that is right they say that the cannabis seeds are only sold for bragging rights. We are loving the innovative work around that they have introduced, we SALUTE you