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About Me

The name’s Robert Trombley. I like all things from the earth, so Cannabis has always been right up my alley. I breed, I use, and I hang out with my friends through it. I figure the more of us out here talking about this plant then the faster that societal shift we’ve all been waiting for is going to come. Plus, I like to share interesting information when it comes my way so a blog about Cannabis seems to be a great way to start doing this.

Born and raised in Colorado, USA I wasn’t very surprised seeing how quick legalization came to this state. It’s always been part of the culture here, I think it is everywhere to be honest but most people just repress it and ignore it for some reason. The tax benefits of the full legalization route we’ve gone is going to be really good for the communities here and I’m very excited to see what we can accomplish as more people get on board around the world.

I believe Cannabis to be important for the human race to an extent, it seems to have always been around for a reason. All cultures saw value in it, it was only recently that some uppity guys back in the 20th century decided to be against it. And for some reason we all listened to them, even though they just lied to our faces and put entire generations in jail. It’s crazy out there sometimes it seems.

Anyhow, not getting preachy. I enjoy farming a great deal, and especially cannabis farming. My friends and I work together trying to make new strains, we haven’t come out with anything that great but it is a lot of fun for us. Besides that I grow asparagus, zucchinis, and I have some celery growing this year as well. I also like to brew my own beers, anything that has to do with working with your hands and making something you can enjoy for yourself is my kind of lifestyle and hobby.

I work as a veterinary technician out here, with my wife Caitlyn who’s in school for sociology. She wants to help people! It’s great. She’s a beautiful lady and super supportive of everything I do, and I her. We both absolutely love animals, we have 3 dogs and 2 cats ourselves which can be a hassle but they’re basically our kids so it’s no big deal. Working as a vet tech lets me help in my own way, which I find incredibly fulfilling.

Anyways that’s about all there is on Robert Trombley. I think I’m generally a pretty good person, at least I feel OK about the things I do and am happy enough with things. I hope to keep things going for a while on this blog, keep things fresh and have a good resource going for people to learn a bit about Cannabis and why it’s not the scary evil drug we were all led to believe by DARE and our lovely feds.